Staircase Build

Posted on June 01 2016

When we decided to take on this project we had never built a staircase before. We seem to get lucky and find these amazing clients that allow us to push the boundaries in design and within ourselves. This project was nerve racking during the planning stage but as the deadline approached I had a peaceful satisfaction that we were going to make it a success. When presented with this challenging of a project you seem to leave a piece of yourself with it and there is such a rewarding feeling that it takes a couple of weeks to recover from the highs. This is a monumental accomplishment for KEAS and we learned so much from facing our fears and believing. 


Posted on April 27 2016

Hey Everybody! This is basically a intro to the blog to fill everyone in on what were doing. We often get the chance to work on exciting projects that we love to share and feel this is a perfect platform so please follow along, comment, or ask questions. We want you to be involved. 

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