About us


We Make What We Love!

Our focus is on simple design, quality construction, and purposeful products.

We operate our company with confidence, enthusiasm, and humility.  Our Clients are treated with respect and attention. We want the experience to last as long as the product.

Our customers and the people we work with are an intricate part of a movement toward a better community, environment, and world!

We work across many fields including Furniture, Lighting, Art, Design. We specialize in Interior/Architectural Design & Fabrication in both residential and commercial applications.

At K.E.A.S we are passionate about the idea of timeless! All of our products are designed and crafted around the idea that you will keep them forever and even pass them along. We believe in the idea of having less things and valuing the things you have. It is your hard earned money and you should get to spend it on things you truly care about with companies you believe in. We applaud that way of thinking and we want to make it a worthwhile investment! Thank you for considering us as one of your choices!

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